Antibody testing for Leishmania infections in dogs


Zamiyah Ben-Israel, Junior, Biology

Faculty Mentor(s):

Dr. Alexa Von Dohlen, Johnson C. Smith University,
Dr. Sunil Gupta, Johnson C. Smith University




Leishmaniasis an insect-vectored parasitic disease that can be fatal in humans and other animals. Serology is the study of blood serum used diagnose infections by identifying antibodies. There are many types of serological tests, but immunochromatographic tests use non-fluorescent dyes bound to specific antigens to detect antibodies by color change. The Kalazar Detect dipstick test is a commercially available immunochromatographic dipstick test used to specifically detect antibodies to Leishmania. In the Special Topics in Parasitology offered at Johnson C. Smith University, dogs were tested for Leishmania antibodies with the Kalazar Detect test. The results of this test are indicated by 2 red lines if it is antibody-positive and 1 red line if no antibodies are present. This test has been shown to give rapid and accurate results within 10 minutes. This Kalazar dipstick test has been shown to work as well as the test used by the Centers for Disease Control, but it is much faster and easier to perform.


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