Examining the Relationship Between Time Management and Academic Stress


Tawanda Nyahasha, Senior, Psychology, College of Arts and Letters

Faculty Mentor(s):

Dr. Harriette Richard, Johnson C. Smith University


Social Sciences


This study examined the relationship between time management and academic stress. The study hypothesized that an increase in time management would lead to a decrease in academic stress. Participants (N=60) were given a time management behavioral scale an 18 item scale to measure their time management behaviors. They were also given the perceived academic stress scale an 18 item scale that evaluated their stress levels. A Pearson correlation was done to test the direction and strength of the relationships between the two variables. The results although significant did not support the hypothesis finding a positive relationship between the two variables (r(58) = .41, p < .01). An explanation may be academic stress influences time management behaviors, when students get stressed they seek to alter their time management behaviors to reduce their stress levels.


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