Telling My Story: Representations of Murdered African American Transgender Women


Exodus Moon, Junior, Communication Arts, College of Arts and Letters

Faculty Mentor(s):

Dr. DaKysha Moore, Johnson C. Smith University




One of the more underreported trends in the LGBTQ community is the high rate at which transgender people, especially transgender women of color, are being murdered. Media representation plays a significant role in the influence and the societal perception of how people view transgender women of color. This study seeks to understand how transgender women of color are framed on the television series Fatal Attraction which reenacts true life crime events against two transgender women. The researcher critically analyzed both episodes applying the framing analysis annotating detailed notes and identified common themes of improper pronoun usage, birth name vs chosen name, and intimate partner violence to explore the representations of transgender women in the show. The dialogue was contextualized within the themes, finding misrepresentations of these women.


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